To understand Data Analytics, we have to be well aware of why we need it and where we need it. Let me begin with the basic need for Data Analytics tool, Big Data. The act of gathering and storing large amounts of information for eventual analysis is ages old. However, a new term but with an almost similar usage have come about, Big Data. It can be described by its name only, the large volume of data, which can be structured or unstructured . It has become very vital to be able to decode and decipher the key insights which one draw from it.

The ability to extract sensible intelligence from the big data has still been a challenge for many industries. One requires apt tools to be able to extract information out of the data lake. The extraction isn't the only major trouble they face, it includes, storage, analysis, data curation, sharing, searching, transfer, visualization and even information privacy. If one can achieve high accuracy and precision in analyzing the big data then higher profits and lower input costs would become a mere matter.